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    Worth watching this video before making any big decision about how to implement the resources

    Main decision to be made before you start teaching

    1. Which units will I teach and in which order?
    - Units have a recommended year group but you can go one above or one below
    - Too much content then maybe set 1 unit as flipped learning / Break lessons down for Form Time / Use as Homework Tasks.
    - If you have also purchase the Cre8tive Careers USB and want more of a focus on Careers swap out the LBS Core theme 6 Lessons with the Cre8tive Careers lessons. (there is some overlap)
    -If your school has separate Citizenship Lessons at KS3 or Compulsory GCSE Citizenship at KS4 (Remove the "Blue" Core Theme 1 Units and possibly the "Green" Core Theme 2 Units)
    - If your school has separate Careers provision you could trim the "Yellow" Core theme 6 Units.

    2. Stick with exercise books or opt for the student work booklets?
    - Work Booklets are completely optional and students can easily just use their exercise books and you can print any handouts needed for the odd lesson for them.
    - If you do use the Work Booklets they follow the natural flow of each lesson, They are smart and encourages written responses from students and saves time teaching. No cutting, gluing, handing out worksheets, drawing tables etc. Easily allows for students who have missed work to catch up and students that work quicker to maybe go ahead.
    -Work booklets could be reserved for SEN , PP or for HWK.
    - Will you edit the back page to substitute in your own schools marking policy
    (if you do this remember to just drag and drop that changed page on the other 30 Work Booklets)
    -If you alter the length of Student Work booklets remember to try and keep to multiples of 4 (12/16/20/24) to not waste paper and end up with lots of blank pages.
    - Work booklets are best printed double sided using A3 paper stapled in the middle to create a sturdy A4 Booklet. (Colour looks better but B&W is still good.)

    3. Do you want to use the Projects for KS3?
    - Consider how much time you have available.
    - Typically 30 mins to introduce the Project (they complete for homework over 4-5 Weeks) and 1 Lesson to present and do Feedback.
    - Work out how students will present
    - Always reward students
    -Projects could also be used for a Drop Down Day instead.
    -Projects all have clear career links (You could expand on these for Gatsby Benchmark 4)
    -The Learning Portfolio Journals work really well for evidencing progress and are matched to the projects.
    - If you wanted to use some projects and evidence feedback with the relevant Work booklet for that unit just drag and drop the correct pages from the Graduation portfolios to the Work Booklet.
    -Six projects in a year is ambitious so you may want to only do 3 (if you do less projects delete the relevant feedback pages from the graduation portfolio journals before you print them.

    4. End of Term Quizzes - Do you have time for them?
    - Great for cover lessons or treat lessons or as part of a drop down day.
    - Could be used in form time.
    - Could use as assessments instead of projects or end of unit assessments

    5. End of Unit Assessments - Do you have time for them?
    - If you are using the student work booklets they are already built in
    -If you decide not to use the student work booklets you may need to use these for 'evidence' of progress and assessment.

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